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Veggie BBQ

Summer’s here! Enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Start a new, all-veggie barbecue tradition. We can help!

Picnic Party ($22.00 per person / minimum 5 people)

- veggie kebabs with choice of tofu, tempeh, or seitan
- summer grain salad or vegan potato salad
- assorted vegan finger sandwiches 

- or assorted raw veggies & summer dips
- Specialty drink or lemonade

BBQ Party ($16.00 per person / minimum 5 people)

- we bring it, you cook it!
- assorted veggie burgers
- assorted veggie burger toppings

- marinated vegan kebabs / ribs / tempeh wings
- marinated veggies for grilling
- vegan summer grain salad
- vegan potato salad

- cut watermelon for grilling!

Additional Packages To Ask About
- Dessert spreads
- Homemade popsicles
- Beer Popsicles
- Vegan sangria icecream sandwiches

Call julia 267.231.5149 to schedule your next vegan summer cook out or picnic!


Delivery Fee may apply depending on distance. Customize it to your specifications, give us a ring!