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123 1st Ave 

New York, NY 10003


Between 7th and St. Marks


Spring Menu Is Here! 

6 Reasons To Eat Seasonally 

1. Flavor - Seasonal Produce Has Had More Time To Grown Naturally Therefore More Flavorful 

2. Environtment - Less GMO's in Seasonal Foods 

3. Nutriton - Fresh Produce = More Antioxidants & Vitamins

4. Economy - Seasonal Produce is Cheaper When In Season 

5. Organic/Free of Pesticides 

6. You Are In Harmony With Natures Rhythm 


Organic local vegetarian cuisine for everyone

"Most bomb burger! Organic Grill creates traditional American dishes with a bunch of fix-ins. All organic, with vegan + vegetarian options, all delicious. If you are ever in the East Village for breakfast, lunch, dinner or the coveted weekend brunch... you must stop at Organic Grill." - GreenHopping 


You want to eat healthy, but you’re allergic to “health food.” Not a problem at this East Village café where locally grown produce and artisan ingredients make up dishes like black-bean-and-roasted-peppers quesadilla with cashew sour cream. Even the coffee is organic and shade-grown. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

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